7 Inch Tablet Will Dominate The Market In 2013

7 inch tablet is expected to dominate the tablet market in 2013. The reason, because these devices can replace laptops and smartphones, though not at all functions. In addition, the tablet needs as part of a lifestyle would be a psychological factor to boost sales of 7-inch tablets.

In 2013, sales of tablet devices are expected to remain high and in the range of 130 million worldwide, far exceeding the number of sales during the year 2012. Some sources estimate sales of industrial tablet 7 inch tablet by the end of 2013 could touch the figure of 170-180 million.
9 inch tablet sail up became king in 2012. According to data from IHS iSuppli, the marketing of the figure rose 35 percent to 73.4 million units. With these values??, a tablet with these specs have a 59 percent market share globally.

Tablet with 7-inch screen only holds about 32 to 33 percent market share in 2012. But in 2013, the 7-inch tablet market share is believed to be able to beat up a 9-inch tablet. According to IDC, 7-inch tablet will dominate the market by holding a 60 percent market share.

7 inch tablet device belongs to Google and Amazon each expected to sell 10 million units, even more, in 2013. Cheap Android tablet device from Acer that was introduced at CES 2013 ago, Iconia B1, will also get the attention of consumers.

Samsung tablet products will also increase in 2013, which in this case is the Korean company will ship 30 million tablet devices worldwide. Overall, an estimated 7-inch tablet will dominate the world market. Moreover backed Android operating system that can be used free of charge by the manufacturer will further enhance the growth of 7-inch tablets.

In addition, the 7-inch tablet made in China are not only marketed in the country, they are to aggressively penetrate export markets in developing countries, thus the number of sales of 7-inch tablets will be growing a lot.

Not only well-known tablet manufacturers, many local producers in various states of production also tablets using the Android operating system. As well as being open, the Android operating system developed by Google, is not only profitable producers, but also consumers because it can have a tablet with cheap price.

Because the biggest contributor to sales 7 inch tablet made by tablets that use the Android operating system, the expansion also urged the 7 inch tablet iPad sales. Even so, it does not mean the iPad can be defeated by 7-inch Android tablet. Precisely iPad tablet will come in an exclusive class that has a public market and consumers in the middle to upper social class.