Popular Tablets In The Android Market Is Sized 7 Inch

Several surveys and reports on sales shows that the 7-inch tablet is the most in demand and popular in the Android Tablet market.Part of users really prefer to choose a tablet with a size 10 or 8.9 inches, but from the data obtained indicate if the 7-inch Android tablet in first place of the most in demand and popular nowadays.

Although this tablet has a size that is not so great, but this tablet is more practical and less troublesome when carried everywhere, but it is also 7-inch tablet priced so cheap that can be owned by all people.

7 Inch Tablet Will Dominate The Market In 2013

7 inch tablet is expected to dominate the tablet market in 2013. The reason, because these devices can replace laptops and smartphones, though not at all functions. In addition, the tablet needs as part of a lifestyle would be a psychological factor to boost sales of 7-inch tablets.

In 2013, sales of tablet devices are expected to remain high and in the range of 130 million worldwide, far exceeding the number of sales during the year 2012. Some sources estimate sales of industrial tablet 7 inch tablet by the end of 2013 could touch the figure of 170-180 million.